Not so impossible

23 February, 2024

Tags: blogging

what I'm up to

This week is my reading break, which is sort of annoying. It's so early in the year that my friends who teach aren't on their spring break, just about everyone is busy so I'm kinda just left to do my own thing. This semester's already had me feeling a little afloat with the lack of a solid schedule but I'm making it work.

I've been offered to extend my contract through to the end of September, so I'm glad for that extra bit of security as well as the continued employment and experience! It'll take me through to the end of my program and a little ways beyond, but I've got to look for something more permanent for when that runs out.


Despite it being reading break, I haven't been reading too much. I started a full read through of Delicious in Dungeon as that series has ended and I've been meaning to properly dig into it.

other things I've read:


I have however been playing some games. I'd ordered a Retroid 4 Pro, so some of my time has been spent getting that set up in a way I like, but mostly I've just been playing Zeroranger on it since I can't get it running with Whisky. Nothing quite like emulating Switch to play a homebrew port of a PC game on a handheld lol.

I'm still keeping up in mahjong and continuing my slow improvement there which is satisfying. I've been able to achieve yakuman a few times now!

other stuff i'm playing:

recently finished:


Aside from watching some seasonal anime, I've also started watching Go! Princess Precure as part of a watchalong. It's been pretty fun so far. I'm also watching Thunderbolt Fantasy which is a blast. We're also making our through the TV adaptation of the Dan Simmons novel The Terror from a while back. Jared Harris is always a blast to watch.

A bigger thing I wanted to do this week was watch all the Mission: Impossible movies! As requested by Oujou, I've done a ranking which has been fairly tough. Some would be on an even level but that's not in the spirit of a ranking like this.

my ranking:

  1. Mission: Impossible
  2. Mission: Impossible - Fallout
  3. Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Pt. 1
  4. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
  5. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
  6. Mission: Impossible III
  7. Mission: Impossible II

A few years ago I'd done this with the Fast & Furious series (short of ranking them) ahead of Fast 9 releasing and enjoyed doing that, so figured I'd do it with another series.