Friday the nth

23 September, 2023

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First off: I've added comments to all the posts, feel free to comment and respond! I'll be manually approving comments as they come in, but would be happy to have some discussions going. I always feel a bit weird having things be one-sided, so this is an attempt to rectify that. Tell me about what you've been enjoying, or what you think of something I've been enjoying (don't be rude though).

This weekend my partner and I celebrated a milestone in our relationship: 10 years since we started dating! Kinda nice to have something like this to celebrate rather than only the wedding anniversary.

What I'm Playing

Ao with two dialogue choices: 'you're like a mom' and 'I want to make you my wife'

I'm still in the process of wrapping up Blue Reflection: Second Light and am ever so much closer now. I'm fairly certain I'm in the closing chapters of it as things are coming to a head and the girls have to band together to do what any RPG party worth a damn is wont to do: fight god(s). Before that though, they've got a lot of flirting to do. Seriously though, this game has such good hangout vibes, the cast is varied and things stay fresh through the whole thing.

Rabi and Ribi in the corner of a room, preparing to avoid some colorful bullets

Fallen slightly to the wayside while I finish Blue Reflection is Rabi-Ribi, which has been a solid metroidvania. Fight off cute animals and bunny fanatics, with some fun combat and bosses that have some pretty cool bullet patterns to them!

player ship weaving between dense bullet patterns

I've also been playing around with Aka to Blue on iOS. Not my favourite platform to play STG on, but it works quite well! I'd love to be able to give this one a go in an arcade but the few arcades around here don't have it.

Late game crops ready for harvest

One I forgot to mention last week is the recently released Crop Rotation! It's a farming themed drafting game, in a similar vein to Luck be a Landlord. One very cool thing it does in terms of balance is that upon clearing a game, you are given a rating, which increases the next game's difficulty if you chose to play with that. As you keep clearing games, your rating increases, but you can scale it back as you need, or just play on the relaxed mode. It's a really nice time and does that "numbers go up" thing that so rarely works for me.

Check these out

Daikon wrote a great piece about the INFINOS series over on Indie Tsushin.

MEGATON Musashi Wired got a new trailer! The game looks cool as heck, it's nice to see Level5 back at it.

Hamster Scramble looks very cool. It appears to be a mashup of Puzzle Bobble and Bubble Bobble, which when I think of it, how did this not happen sooner?

Some things were announced at Tokyo Game Show that I'm looking forward to!

A revival of Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja!

Cotton Fantasy 2!

Radirgy 2 looks rad. (I've been trying to give some more time to Radirgy Swag in anticipation of this one)

TriggerHeart EXELICA launches (in Japan) in December!

Hasn't been too much else going on. I'm learning how to assign subject headings according to Library of Congress rules, and learning casual form Japanese, but I don't really know what I could write about those beyond "I'm doing these things."

What have y'all been up to? Let me know! Until next time. じゃあね。