Turning of the seasons

16 September, 2023

Tags: blogging

You might notice things look ever so slightly different around here. I added a handy (imo) Topics page, as well as a Topic tag at the top of every post. I've got a few things brewing under different topics and I want to be able to have those easily accessible without having to dig through a large list of posts. Better to do this now rather than later when there is more to update.

I've also moved onto a custom domain, so RSS might have broken. If it has, please just resubscribe and everything should repopulate as normal.

It's been a busy week, mostly settled into the new semester's schedule though I can't say I'm a fan of morning classes on two days and evening classes on two other days.

My Hobonichi Techo order came in. No new cover this year, figured one for my Techo and another for my notebook/commonplace book is enough (at least until they release a new one I must have), but I did get myself a Stappo as I'd been getting annoyed that due to our limited storage, my stationery stuff was all scattered about. The more frequently used items are now all in the Stappo. It's nice to be able to just grab that off the shelf and have everything there.

What I'm playing

It's been light on games, mostly been getting in some time with neglected and new (to me) STGs.

I started playing Andro Dunos II, a sequel to the SNK published game from 1992, this time developed by Picorinne Soft, who you might know for their INFINOS series. I'm a little out of my element as I tend to prefer vertical scrolling shooters but it's been a fun time.

I also finally went back to Cosmo Dreamer, which I'd started back in January and had a hard time with the final stage. Several attempts later, I finally defeated the final boss and rolled credits. Fantastic little game, and the final stage music goes hard.

You should check out

This 2014 interview with the developers of Metal Max, translated thanks to shmuplations. Metal Max is a series I've not yet gotten to but one that has never failed to catch my eye.

That's about all this week, until next time!