Back to school

08 September, 2023

Tags: blogging

Every new semester, the first week has felt like I just can't get into the rhythm of things. This one has been no exception and we're already through the first week. Adjusting to the new schedule is also going to take some time, one of my classes is in the evening, leaving the whole day before it empty which I'm sure I'll fill with homework without issue, but this first week has been weird in that way. It did allow me to join my wife for yoga this week, a first for me. It's pretty alright!

I've already got a bunch of studying to do and many of the topics we're covering are quite exciting (Subject analysis & classification for instance!), while some others like the potential uses of AI in libraries draw an exhausted groan from me.

I've now got an account over on to try to get some more practice communicating in Japanese. Posts are rare for now but even just reading has been immensely helpful. My first Japanese class of the semester reinforced how important it was to keep practicing more than just reading and writing as I stumbled to respond to a question and conjugate a verb because I was so caught up trying to remember what I'd learned over the summer semester, a mere 4 weeks ago. That rust will come off in no time and I just need to be more diligent in studying and praticing. I'm very excited to continue learning and get ever closer to being able to properly communicate!

What I'm playing

I haven't had too much time for games, though I was able to take some time to finally finish off Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal, which was quite fun to play despite its uh.. lower brow trappings. Lots more in the series to play, plus the director has a new game on the way via Cygames, Garnet Arena: Mages of Magicary. This new one looks quite good and I'm excited to see more of it beyond some off-cam footage.

One of my favourite studios/publishers/labels/designers (not sure what to call them) in board games are Saashi & Saashi, and they've got a new game out I'm very excited to play.

Some things to check out

Path of Least Resistance - a short narrative puzzle game about navigating the ups and downs of friendship, and the barriers we face. Thanks PRINCESS INTERNET CAFé!

Postmarks - I'm probably going to get myself set up with this at some point soon, but it's a single user bookmarking site, kind of like Pinboard or, but the plus here is it's on ActivityPub, so you can follow from Mastodon or anything else, and replies to bookmarks appear as comments. It would likely be an extension of the things I put here and then some, but I've wanted something like this that was more accessible to people and this seems like a great fit.

A relatively quiet week for me, but I'm still exhausted from the change in schedule. Until next time!