26 August, 2023

Tags: blogging

We made it! Another week down. I wrapped up my last week working in the library full time before going back to classes full time in September. Bit of a low energy finish to the week for me so this'll be brief.

I'd like to do more actual, y'know... blogging eventually but who knows. No need to beat myself up over not having the energy to write that kinda thing.

What I've Been Reading

Even Though We're Adults - おとなになっても

A teacher in her 30s meets a woman in a bar and they kiss. Except... she's married so it's not all rosy. In fact it's pretty messy, but I did quite like what I've read so far, to the point I've caught up on what's been released in English so far. I don't expect it'll go too far beyond 7 volumes but that's for the best.

Descending Stories: 昭和元禄落語心中

Turns out, there's a lot of rakugo manga and as luck would have it, I'm pretty into it. This one's great and uh, I really want to see some rakugo now.

What I'm playing

Gundam Extreme VS Maxiboost On

Ridiculous title aside, this game is a lot of fun. I picked it up last year and played around with it offline a little but never really dug too deep. Recently amr picked it up so we've been playing together, and it's been a great time, learning the nuances of the game and seeing how we can improve while also trying out the absurd number of Mobile Suits in the game.

ゆめいろユラム (Yumeiru Yuram)

NIS' new puzzle game has a demo (Switch, PSN) and it's pretty neat! Unlike a lot of the well known vs. puzzle games, you're not throwing garbage at your opponent, instead you are trying to achieve different yaku (combinations of shapes and sequences here), and when you choose to attack, your score is compared to your opponent's. Whoever comes out on top takes a chunk off the other's health and you do it all over again. It's got a nice pace to it and feels like it should be pretty accessible to more casual players (like me).


Finally getting around to Drainus. It's real cool. I tend to be more into vertical STGs but there've been some good horizontal ones lately. Team Ladybug have some absolutely gorgeous games where the ideas fall just short of where I'd like them in terms of execution. This one seems to be the closest but still shy.

a front shot of a ship

Check this out

I'd missed that amr wrote an article last week as part of their canon fire series, so rectifying that now. They wrote about one of my all-timer series, Virtual On and its legacy. It's good! Read it!

I'm out of town next week, but will be back for the weekend. Might be more of a photo dump than writing but we'll see. Until then!