Whatcha Readin'

18 August, 2023

Tags: blogging

It's been a quiet week on my end, both in terms of events and work. This has given me a lot of time to read which is what most of my time has gone towards!

Bloom Into You

This had been recommended by Moss a while back, and I'm so glad they brought it up. Turns out, romance manga and anime are just hitting for me right now. The story here revolves around Touko and Yuu, two girls who believe they can't fall in love... until Touko confesses to Yuu. It's very sweet and cute. Well worth a read!

Internal monologue accompanied by 3 panels. Panel one: she’s really warm. Is it just because she’s sitting close to me? Panel 2: Yuu hesitantly reaches a hand out toward Touko’s “I want some of that warmth” Panel 3: Yuu quickly pulls her hand back and sets it down a safe distance from Touko’s hand

Our Dreams at Dusk: しまなみ誰そ彼

Another Moss recommendation given while we we were talking about Bloom Into You. A great story about a boy who fears he has been outed while he is figuring out his sexuality and finds solace in the company of people he meets at a lounge. Just a beautiful little story and I'm very glad I read it.

The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún

Just gorgeous. A lot of this is vibes but it's also just a nice story about finding one's place. It follows Shiva, a young girl who has been abandoned for fear of bearing a curse, and the Outsider she calls "Teacher." There's plot that happens, but so much of it is focused on their relationship.

Shiva and Teacher sit in the center of a room at a desk, surrounded by shelves of books and knicknacks

That's kinda been all I've been up to, oops. Also started playing Apex again with Moss but y'know, it's Apex, what is there to say?

That's kind of it for this week? Got one last week of work before a much needed mini-vacation, and then I'm back to classes full time in September. Cya!