Friday posting

28 July, 2023

Tags: blogging

This'll be a short one, it's the end of second last week of the semester so I haven't had much leisure time.

I finished reading Rikka Zine Vol. 1, which I'd mentioned last week. It was really good, highly recommend checking it out.

I watched through Lycoris Recoil over the course of the week and quite liked it! Slick action sequences, a good cast, and just generally enjoyable. Also the only anime I've run into that mentions where I live?

Mizuki giving some side eye and saying 'I guess I go meet that hunk in Vancouver that I met on a dating website.'

Been playing some games here and there as I've had time but haven't been able to really sink into anything. Post Void is pretty cool, but again, haven't put much time into it. Each of my runs has ended around stage 4.

I've been keeping an eye on the new versus puzzle game from NIS, Yumeiro Yuram (ゆめいろユラム). It looks like it should be a good time. mojilove shared some links and a summary of how it's meant to work over on cohost.

Also, not read it yet but renkon posted a short story they wrote!

Should be more going on after next week. Until then!